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Cash Advance Program

Guaranteed Cash Flow Whenever You Need It

There is a massive list of costs behind running new or existing business. We understand this and the fact that the specific business needs of our clients may require capital from time to time, in order to keep growing. The good news is that it’s easier to secure the cash than you think it is. Our merchant cash advance program can help you by turning your future credit card sales into working capital! You will never have to worry about upgrading or purchasing new equipment making renovations expanding your business purchasing inventory and doing so much more with our cash advance program!

How Our Cash Advance Program Can Benefit Your Business

Patel Processing can qualify your business for a cash advance amount based on your average monthly Visa/MasterCard transactions. You will then get a small percentage of your daily earnings to pay off the cash advance. This payment is automatically taken from your regular credit card processing settlements over time.

• Get approved easily with the affordable rates

• Receive funds as fast as it goes for processing

• Repay the advance daily and automatically from your merchant processing account

• Get an opportunity to your cash advance for additional funds needs