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RetailzPOS stands out in the retail industry for its vertically integrated solution that is tailor-made to meet the needs of businesses in the industry. We specialize in providing an advanced point-of-sale system for Tobacco/Smoke Shops, Retail Shops, and Convenience Stores, addressing the rising demand for technological integration.

Compact yet powerful, and extremely budget-friendly, our POS system is suitable for businesses of any size. With our streamlined setup process, user-friendly training, and our dedicated support team, switching to RetailzPOS is a breeze!


Enhanced Capabilities: Taking Your POS to the Next Level

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Seamlessly integrate your credit card processing with your POS and simplify completing transactions.

Employee Management

Manage your employees efficiently across all kinds of operational and functional touchpoints.

Inventory Management

Efficiently oversee and monitor your inventory around the clock.

Mobile Application

Instant access to RetailzPOS features with our mobile application.

Additional Features

Additional Features of the System